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Заходила 30.06.2017
I am pleased to welcome You to my store.

All of the jewelry in my shop is created and handmade by me, Anna Nieśpiałowska, here in my studio in Legionowo, Poland.

Almost all of my pieces are one-of-a-kind. Each contains a different story, involves different "experiment", and is unique in character from the other pieces. I use the highest quality materials that I can find. I'm continually searching for unique and beautiful semi-precious and precious materials to use in my creations. Much attention is paid to detail and a lot of loving care goes into the construction of each piece.

Design and craftsmanship are everything -- I want You to enjoy wearing my jewelry for a LONG time...
Виды творчества: Вышивка, Вязание, Ювелирное искусство